My Columbian dealing boyfriend double my age mocks my turmoil during a rape and he contacts my next boyfriend to mock me again.

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2021.10.19 20:45 Whatsup32111 My Columbian dealing boyfriend double my age mocks my turmoil during a rape and he contacts my next boyfriend to mock me again.

I did cocaine about 5 or 6 times before, a couple years ago, when I was 18/19 my first boyfriend and first sexual partner was sick in the head sexually, and in other ways. He initiated and encouraged me into going to some sex party. he abused me in such a way that I did whatever he would want me to do, he brainwashed me. Strangers at this party mouth raped me, it was filmed without my consent, I was literally asking this person repeatedly to stop. I did more coke than I had ever done in my whole life, I thought I was going to die at one point, I was crying and having a panic attack after this happened. I asked them to call an ambulance and they refused, they just stared at me. Because of the trauma I had just been through, and the amount of coke I had just done, I started to hallucinate that this individual who just raped me could be an undercover police officer, yeah...i knew it wasn’t actually like that. I told these strangers at this sex party that my boyfriend threatened to kill my family, they looked shocked, my partner looked embarrassed, after the party my partner scolded me on talking so much, he told me to never talk to them again because he was paranoid I’d sleep with them.
throughout the relationship my partner actually was very paranoid about the police, he said past ex girlfriends called the police on him before, he always told me not to go to the police about him etc... so I was probably just scared about it, that’s why I hallucinated it. I told my partner months later about the hallucination, he said he was having them too due to the amount of cocaine we had done. My partner also had a video of my rape, and he touched himself to it.
(little bit of insight also, this abusive partner was my first sexual partner, these people at this party were my 3rd and 4th ever sexual partners. I believe I had only been sexually active in my whole life for less than a year. The 2nd sexual partner was also rape. It was also while I knew my first abusive boyfriend, he called me a slut after it happened. I was not experienced enough to ever desire this kind of thing. I didn’t want this kind of thing to happen, it’s not my taste or preference at all.)
About 2 years later, I dated someone who was the same age as me, not double my age like the last one. my second ever boyfriend. My boyfriend once starting acting sketchy, he’d say weird twisted things to me before I’d be going to sleep at night, while I was in bed in a sleepy trance... he once said, in a jokey manor, trying to hold his laughter in, that he smoked a spliff and thought that everyone was undercover police officers... obviously the fact that this thing was brought up, is just gaslighting towards me, during such a dire and disgusting situation. I only recently broke up with this partner, I knew all the time he had betrayed me, that he was also a sick disgusting weirdo mocking me regarding my rape and abuse.
so obviously I know from this fact that my ex was somehow in contact with my current partner, or anyone who was stalking me told him. Because I did tell my recent boyfriend i had stalkers, he knew about this. They cyber bullied me about the outfit I was wearing while I was being raped in the video before.
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2021.10.19 20:45 Stressedincloset How do people feel about the island lily pad initiate? I’m aware its been 8 years yet I’m curious if it is still considered?

How do people feel about the island lily pad initiate? I’m aware its been 8 years yet I’m curious if it is still considered? submitted by Stressedincloset to Kiribati [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:45 Independent_Grab_242 Anything better than SurfingKeys?

Hi guys,
Long time user of Vimium. I have tried Qutebrowser but it was a bit too buggy for my taste, maybe I will return in the future. Today I installed SurfingKeys and there is a crazy amount of customization comparing to Vimium to the point that you think Vimium is just for normal folks. It has almost full vim input plus stuff like narration (gr) which is kinda neat when you want to rest yer eyes but continue being a productivity freak.
Before I fully get invested on this one and make flash cards for the hotkeys. Is there anything better out there?
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2021.10.19 20:45 lowkeyedgygal My (F22) new boyfriend (M22) doesn’t compliment me anymore. Is it silly to be sad?

We’ve been together a month and we were absolutely infatuated with each other right off the bat, the kind where you look at each and smile all cheesily. We became official after about our fourth date, and we got comfortable around each other. It’s been great to feel that way, I haven’t felt that before, but a month in just seems too quick to lose the initial excitement. He doesn’t compliment me anymore. My love language is words of affirmation, and I’m always giving him compliments and saying how much I appreciate him, because I do! Idk, I feel like he isn’t trying hard with me anymore because I’m his girlfriend now. Is that silly?
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2021.10.19 20:45 vampeeroz Whats the problem with my carb cap? The salesman said these spin the best 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Whats the problem with my carb cap? The salesman said these spin the best 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ submitted by vampeeroz to WeedMemes247 [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:45 Milf_tracker_ So im a 13yr male and there is someone in my grade who really likes me.

This seems like a great thing, no because i don’t wanna date anybody yet plus i don’t really like her but i dont know any way to reasonable and politely reject her can anyone help? Note: theres probably a better subreddit for this but im new to reddit sry.
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2021.10.19 20:45 Blackhatshooter What's the strangest thing you've noticed in the background of a picture you took?

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2021.10.19 20:45 Lol33ta Enchantress by Lourdes Saraiva

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2021.10.19 20:45 TheRealLardin Tregua - "El Boogie De La Suspension" (Alternative Rock Track Of An Album Where I Participated)

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2021.10.19 20:45 FearFeeling I have a few people in my life but still find loneliness

That whole “I’m surrounded by people & still feel lonely” trope is very much real. Granted I’m not SURROUNDED, I’d lose my mind if I were, but I do have some friends at work and across the world, even. All of them are people that I cherish.
So… why is it that I still feel so incredibly alone? These friends, as great as they are, I’m not particularly close with 95% of them. I can only show more of myself to one or two, the rest get a dulled down “safe” version of me.
I’m so tired of sorting through all the meh friends… I just want one person who I feel I can be genuinely close with, someone I don’t have to hide from, but that all seems impossible for me. All these people in shows finding their perfect loves, my friend talking to me about her experiences with her SO & how happy she is… I’m ecstatic for her, but I just makes me wonder how she’s able to find people she can be genuinely happy with. She’s bubbly as is, so that might be why though lol.
I’m not going to give up, but I’ll be honest, it just doesn’t seem very possible for me. At least I have people of some variety instead of absolutely nobody. ✨Positives.✨
Love you guys.
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2021.10.19 20:45 idgaffau Did you ever tell someone you love them, then figured out you didn’t really love them?

My girlfriend and her ex use to tell each other they loved one another, but when they broke up, she said she never truly loved her ex. Which I believe because the way she got over her ex so fast and painless I mean just seems to easy if she was truly inlove… I know with my exs some of them I loved for many years after the breakup and still have some love for them I feel like I always will. BUT the way her and her ex use to talk to each other, I mean she was just as nice to him as she is me..? She said they Where dumb and young and together for 3 years so of course they said they loved each other but it wasn’t true love, I don’t think she’s ever been truly inlove. I mean by the way she talks she definitely hasn’t had a connection with any of her exs like I have.. idk guess I’m just asking for your thoughts! Thanks for reading
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2021.10.19 20:45 Platypus77 View From Skyline Drive

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2021.10.19 20:45 Ericspants Found an egg that had TWINS inside! #twoyokesoneegg

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2021.10.19 20:45 BuddhaBool Nothin’ better

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2021.10.19 20:45 Sirius-Rae Went and had my lip pierced on 10/18. I’d like to know if this is to high or not…? She pierced from inside my lip rather than the outside.. it’s definitely pierced right on my lip.

Went and had my lip pierced on 10/18. I’d like to know if this is to high or not…? She pierced from inside my lip rather than the outside.. it’s definitely pierced right on my lip. submitted by Sirius-Rae to piercing [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:45 Ok_Question_3196 My pc doesn’t start right and is stuck in lockscreen after I turn it on

Could anybody help me. I am not good with pc and don’t know what’s going on .
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2021.10.19 20:45 EcoFriendlyHat how to cat proof a pc?

i have a little shit. her name is sephie. i love her more than anything. how do i keep her from destroying everything worth more than a toenail? she knocks everything off desks, loves chasing wires, and simply adores scratching and biting.
have any other cat owners found solutions?
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2021.10.19 20:45 TheMistake7 A school computer

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2021.10.19 20:45 Wearyluigi A new realization: how easy it is to tell off “higher ups” through the phone

I’m only 15 and have worked at one job, however this sub has made me realize how much easier it is to quit with the power of your phone. You just say it and then it’s there. You don’t even have to go to the job afterwards. When I tried to put in my two weeks (which I did with upmost respect by the way) I received to be the talk of drama amongst my 30-45 year old coworkers, my manager coming to me telling me I wasn’t legally allowed to go, and my back of house manager making me genuinely do as much work as he could make me. And the paycheck after these two weeks received afterwards contained how much??? 135 bucks. No fucking wonder I quit. Have fun getting another child to do everything for you lazy asshole
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2021.10.19 20:45 lilg0ku69 Got real board and made this

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2021.10.19 20:45 _woIf At a glance

At a glance still not working on Android 12 stable
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2021.10.19 20:45 Blue5647 Why is a super library better than renovating current libraries?

For a cost of 334 million, how much value is the city getting from this?
Vs say upgrading existing libraries and maybe a smaller, modern library in the current location. Ottawa is a really large city for our population. Are we not better served by updating libraries across the city which are close to different neighborhoods?
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2021.10.19 20:45 My_Personal-Hell flargoob

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2021.10.19 20:45 jai-phi Time to carve so more appropriate pumpkins for Halloween.

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2021.10.19 20:45 Scorn13458 Anybody else relate to wanting to snuggle with their fave waifu (mine is springy obviously)

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