What’s your best Dnd memes?

Best Software for Running Online DnD Sessions Battlemaps Roll20. Roll20 is an amazing, free to use piece of software that provides interactive and intuitive battlemaps. You can also import tokens and maps from premade modules, if you run them. Tabletop Simulator. The best tech tutorials and in-depth reviews; ... Dungeons & Dragons (also styled as ‘DND’ or ‘D&D’) is a brilliant game to play virtually – whether over Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or ... D&D Best Classes, Ranked Best to Worst D&D, Playing the Best Class I’m sure that if you’ve played any DnD, you’ve found that optimizing your builds, even if it’s really fun, isn’t quite necessary. After all, playing something fun that you will enjoy playing throughout your adventures... [Top 15] D&D Best Evil Characters Big Baddies Villains are what drive the plot of a great DnD game, whether you go homebrew or a legendary villain, your players will be in awe. Typically, the heroes don't drive the story but react to the Villain’s machinations. RELATED: The Best D&D Feats for Paladins. Healer Helps Keep the Party Alive. While Clerics are expected to be a party's primary healer, they can find themselves running out of spell slots rather quickly. Healer mitigates this by letting characters make use of the healer's kit. Available for five gold pieces, the healer's kit is a charge-based ... Best tool to make a visual representation of a character without any skill in art? I was wondering if people had any go to game character creators, or tools that would allow someone to create a representation of a Dungeons and Dragons character without needing considerable artistic skill. Creating a strong Dungeons & Dragons builds relies on a number of powerful components. From racial features and subclasses to equipment and feats, there are a number of ways a player can begin the process of building an almost unstoppable force.Nowhere is this truer than with the Paladin, who can easily become one of the adventuring party's most essential members. Best Digital DnD Map Makers Inkarnate. If you’re looking to create beautiful region maps (in colour or parchment style), then Inkarnate is a great tool. It offers a variety of ‘stamps’ and models to decorate your maps with, to create the terrain you envisioned when you first sat down and decided ‘this, this is the world I will start the ... In DnD 5e, there are three pillars of heart gameplay: Combat, Role-playing, and Exploration. In this article, we’ll be considering puzzles, which mostly fall under the Exploration column. We will also provide you with examples of some of the best puzzles you can set up in Dungeons and Dragons. Contents hide 1 How To Run... Click Here Now to find the best DND Map Making Tools. What are the best Dungeons and Dragons Map Making Tools? Looking for some RPG map making tools? Or are you in need of maps for your latest D&D adventure? Need a random RPG Dungeon Generator? If you’re a great artist, maybe you can draw one by hand. But otherwise, your players might wonder why there is a hippopotamu

2021.10.19 21:13 Enna-ya What’s your best Dnd memes?

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2021.10.19 21:13 wellthisisaaccount Ahh

All I can do is stare at the ceiling with my face on fire ahh- I can’t stop thinking of him my insides feel all keysmash-y
This is such a distraction I have school work ahhh hehe ah I like rarely get the feels for people and now I do and it’s so ah
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2021.10.19 21:12 brit_86cj7 My baby in the urban jungle

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2021.10.19 21:12 041219061199 Sleep regression: need advice on how to not get nerfed by 5mo NK

5mo NK is having a rough week. She used to be amazing at napping with me and was happy as can be while awake. Now, she screams at every nap time even though she is obviously tired and will not fall asleep. She also gets very upset frequently throughout the day for seemingly no reason. I’ll be doing something with her that she was happy doing 2 minutes before and then suddenly she’s screaming again. All of the basic needs are met when this happens but the crying doesn’t stop for awhile. This happens about once every 20-30 minutes give or take a few.
MB is WFH and is the only one who can put NK to sleep right now (nursing). She usually is also the only one who can calm NK during the day. I try all of the tricks and NK just screams but when MB does it, NK will eventually calm down. That makes me feel like I suck at my job even though I know it’s not anything I’m doing (I think). I’ve tried using a bottle to nap at MB’s request but NK just gets pissed when she finishes it before she falls asleep.
MB and I are both running out of ideas to help NK have a smoother day. What are some things that have helped you in this situation?
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2021.10.19 21:12 Destructor107 Beatstar Tourney

I am going to host a beatstar tourney Friday from 9am EST - 10am EST, in the beatstar discord server https://discord.gg/5JF7tEQhN4. The layout will be 10 songs (randomly selected) - go, hey ya, blinding lights, du hast, brawl stars theme, rockstar, one way or another, go with the flow, bad guy, and fast lane. The one with the highest points total after all 10 songs is the winner. As of now this is only for fun, but if anyone wants to contribute money/gift cards to a prize pool please let me know through my discord or Reddit DMs. Any donations will be appreciated. Only sign up if you have all 10 songs that will be played. DM me at Mreverything#5538 if you are interested, and please give me your name you want displayed and your beatstar tag. The max amount of players in the tourney will be capped at 25, so if you think you want to play, don't hesitate to sign up!
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2021.10.19 21:12 ReyneTrueThat Our friendship is deep.

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2021.10.19 21:12 KrushnaK1974 World's First Mobile Phone

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2021.10.19 21:12 BenjaminFranklinIRL Need help with building my army

So i started like 2 months ago with a Berzerker unit and bought Khârn later on. After that I experimented with different chaos lords and a dark apostle, but in all my games I almost only got loses. In most cases my berzerks got shot down as they are so squishy(even in my Rhino). So I looked online and found out that World Eaters are quite weak right now because they don’t have a 9th Edition Codex like death guard has. So I am a little upset now and feel like I bought the wrong faction and I don’t know wether I should just get more for the World Eaters to hope that I get chances, whether I am just a bad player or if I should completely start over with Death Guard for example. I planned on getting terminators and hoping that they would give me some good shooting-as the Zerks’ is terrible-or someone who could tank all damage for my Berzerkers. Right now I am using Bloodletters as a meat shield to try and get closer meanwhile but I still get completely obliterated by shooting. So i am now asking you guys here wether you could give me advise on what to go for next, or just general advice.
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2021.10.19 21:12 xxstanxx Winter tires

Hey everyone!
I should be taking delivery of my Maverick sometime in December and want to put winter tires on it as soon as I get it. I've got the FX4 package as well
First question: what is the biggest size tire people have been fitting on their Mavericks?
I'm looking for winter tires that will mostly be used on a pretty equal mix of dry pavement, packed snow, and ice, but I also want them to be able to handle themselves reasonably well in ~8" of fresh snow and a bit of gravel road mud and slime come some warm weather and spring. I definitely would like something that is quiet with the road noise and won't be so beefy as to mess with my gas mileage much. Bonus pints if they can be studded as well.
I'd also take recommendation for all seasons to run the rest of the year. I've been running Wrangler's on my Dakota for years and have no complaints, but would be open to suggestions here as well, with bonus points for tires that also have the 3 peak + snowflake symbol.
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2021.10.19 21:12 Soberacious Cornbread Muffins with Olives, Lemon and Thyme

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2021.10.19 21:12 SaggyPencil capybara educating itself

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2021.10.19 21:12 Boo_Randy Eerie photos of abandoned Evergrande developments expose extent of crisis facing China

Major development projects abandoned by Evergrande as the company teeters on the brink of ruin expose the sheer scale of China’s crisis.
New pictures of abandoned Evergrande building projects have revealed the devastating scale of the crisis engulfing not only the company, but China too.
The Chinese property behemoth started dominating global headlines in recent weeks after emerging as the worlds most indebted real estate firm, racking up staggering debts of $A408 billion.
The sheer magnitude of both the company itself and its potential downfall sparked concern it could become China’s “Lehman moment”, with experts fearing it could trigger a worldwide financial crisis and cause a contagion, ultimately dragging down other companies and sectors.
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2021.10.19 21:12 KasVonRose CASPer is seriously messed up and unfair

Just finished the Canadian (English) CASPer and I feel like I bombed it as I ran out of time on EVERY SINGLE QUESTION.
If this test is ever going to be truly fair they need to do 3 things IMO
(1) Increase the time limit, and possible reduce the number of scenarios/questions. The kind of questions they are asking, if you were to solve in real life, would probably take more than 5 minutes to formulate a logical response to, even for the wisest among us. And there was a lot of redundancy in the skills and attributes being tested in each scenario (empathy, conflict resolution, facing obstacles/challenges). I felt like I was repeating myself in a lot of the questions for different scenarios (Or maybe it was me fudging up my test with the same answers to every question).
(2) They must put a word limit for answers proportional to the time limit and the average typing speed of the average student/applicant (which I believe is in the range of 40-60 WPM) + taking into account occasional pauses to recollect thoughts, formulate new ideas, and reread answers. Otherwise people with faster typing speeds are at a disproportionately higheunfair advantage than everyone else. This is super important IMO; even if they're not going to increase the time, put in a 150-200 word limit. Otherwise, it's simply not fair to people with slower typing speeds.
(3) They must make the test more critical and less predictable. The scenarios I saw all had questions on generic topics in moral dilemmas, conflict resolution, group behavior, etc. Generic questions means that the test is actually possible to prep. for. Practicing with similar topics and formulating generic answers to give to these sort of generic questions, massively puts you ahead of those poor suckers (like yours truly) who believed Altus was being honest saying that you can not prepare for the CASPer. The questions I got tested less your personal attributes, and more your familiarity with topics in critical thinking, moral issues, and organizational psychology. I feel like an idiot not preparing for this test, thinking that the questions will be impossible to prep for. The MCAT was way more unique and unpredictable than this generic joke of a situational judgment test I just bombed :( At this point I feel like I should have spend less time preparing for the MCAT, and more time preparing for CASPer.
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2021.10.19 21:12 paulpah Santos xl 2 tone from the gate

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2021.10.19 21:12 snarfflarf They get caught on everything

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2021.10.19 21:12 sspanzerdivisionww2 Luck of the Yank - The Battle of the Potomac

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2021.10.19 21:12 IHaveToPog Bruh

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2021.10.19 21:12 rjk155 Saint Question

I don't want to offend anyone who is catholic. But I have been diving into the old testament and noticing one of the biggest things was praying to idols that were not god. It got me to thinking about how Catholics pray to saints. Is it OK to pray to saints or is that a form of idol worship?
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2021.10.19 21:12 Regular_Garlic9607 MKTG 317

I am #23 on a waitlist for MKTG 317 (Winter 2022). How likely am I to get into the course?
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2021.10.19 21:12 Successful_Vast_3470 😍😍😍

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2021.10.19 21:12 So-CalledClown Want to quickly level up, add me if you jus want an extra 3k exp before unfriending

4273 3245 1834
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2021.10.19 21:12 Horus_inctrl I think this fits bobby lashley more

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDpIwAYy87A I have made a masterpiece
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2021.10.19 21:12 rubraikea12345 What did people do at home before the Internet?

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2021.10.19 21:12 drdoom90s Game is unavaliable to play anywhere. How long do we have to wait?

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2021.10.19 21:12 Proper-Job6031 I Need Advice...Moving to NYC alone! How Do I Make Friends???

So...I am moving to Brooklyn from Tampa, FL in about two weeks for a job promotion! Kind of excited, but also nervous and scared of dealing with extreme loneliness since I will not know anyone in the city outside of my co-workers. All of my co-workers are older, married individuals with children, btw. The last time I made new friends was in undergrad and graduate school, which was very easy because college students are usually eagerly seeking community. Thus, making friendships easier to come by.
Now, I'm 27 (turning 28 in December!), I'll be working full-time as model developer in Manhattan, and I am not sure if I know how to make friends outside of a college setting. I've been reading some reddit subs that suggest becoming a regular at a bar and using apps like match.com, but I have to admit that I am a bit apprehensive about doing either of those. I don't really drink that often (I am a social drinker, though) and I have no experience using match.com, which I originally thought was solely a dating app. All of that to say...I need advice on making friends and building community in NYC as a working adult.
For you all of you who have moved to a new city alone, what worked for you regarding new friendships and building community? When I think back to undergrad, I met my best friends (still my best friends to this day) by joining an organization. In grad school, I made close friendships with students in my research lab (also still my close friends). Should I just take this route in NYC? Any advice would be helpful and very appreciated :)
Just some background about me: I am a black gay male, single, no children, late 20s, working in tech, mostly a homebody but also interested in going out to concerts, museums, bar hopping, game/trivia nights, brunches, parades, etc. I am open to it all (within reason of course)!
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