Orangina, why you're not getting the job...

2021.10.19 21:55 ReallyBadBacon Orangina, why you're not getting the job...

So...why don't we go through this story again, since you can't get enough information and won't take no for an answer, and lthe other night, your resume and materials slipped under my door AGAIN.
Let's start with where it began for me....
It was about three or three and a half years ago.
I think you know that.
The timeline, I mean.
I finally got around to watching your audition videos. The production you were in.
I enjoyed it, it was clever, the people were talented.
But my dear, you weren't the most talented person in the video.
I think you know that.
My personal favorite, as you can guess was "Gary".
But Gary is always my favorite.
So, the next think that happened was, well, you did some quality work with quality people. That's good.
But I didn't really know much about you. I looked you up. Briefly.
Did a background check because you slightly reminded me of an old friend of mine. I wondered if you knew him. Used to work in your neck of the woods. His wife was well-known in your circles. She's a great lady, works her ass off. I still love them dearly. Great people. I'll bet your mom and her mom knew each other.
So, cool. It's cool.
Also another old colleague of mine used to live in your stomping grounds.
So yeah, did consider you. Coincidences and all.
If you're cool with my peeps and they're the ones who set you up for this opportunity, I'd check you out.
But I have a lot to do, I am swamped with work.
My home office is like Graham Central Station.
I tabled consideration of you for our team.
You weren't high on our list.
There wasn't enough of a resume. Just wasn't that impressed.
I mean, everyone says you're great. Terrific.
We don't need a great personality.
We need folks who can bring assets, talent.
People who can get the job done.
Just wasn't convinced about you....did those reference checks, wasn't impressed, and forgot about you.
Chapter two....
My ride shows up early one morning to take me to work.
I am not wealthy. I get rides from people because I am blind in one eye due to a car crash and cannot drive. I was not at fault, but that's life. Shit happens. The blindness and the nerves, the trauma are why I can't drive anymore. I know it's odd, but in the city, a lot of people can't drive.
I still can't figure out who or what brought you to our front door.
Who you are with. Or were with.
Who sent you that morning.
Who gave you my address.
So, I'm sitting in the back of the van, wearing my headphones. Listening to my current favorite song. The one about the "vision of love".
That song...I was playing it for my long-distance love, who has a home in Southern California. It was my song to him. We split up and got back together about four times.
Anyhow, I look up, and...
You got into the back seat of the van, next to me.
I think, "oh, ok. You seem nice enough. You want to talk."
Maybe it was about our mutual friends that I thought we had.
I can't remember what you said. I know I didn't say much.
I was struck by the fact that you appeared "star struck". Your face was rose red.
I thought that was sweet, but I'm not a big deal. Not to me.
I do what I do because I'm a workhorse.
I get up early, love to work.
Technology, the media content, that's my baby.
Every decision I have made has been with content in mind. The publishing, the design.
I don't amble aimlessly through life.
I have agonized privately over every decision.
Every new job, every stepping stone, was carefully considered.
What you see, or don't see, is thirty years of agonizing decisions.
Chapter three...
We dropped you off.
I did my work for the day, came home after dark.
I had a day off the next day and reviewed your material again. Your press kit. Etc.
Still couldn't figure it out.
All I know is that in one of your videos, you looked as if someone had made your day.
Given you a break.
But darling, it wasn't me.
Because that video was from before I knew who you were.
It wasn't me using my connections to lend you a hand.
And the excited way you acted when I dropped by your online circle jerk. Really excited to have me sit on on your session.
I was finally gonna make your day.
Your dream come true.
But dear, I have obligations.
I work for OUR PEOPLE.
Not you, not your bandwagon of friends and associates you drag around for you.
I am not an individual.
Everything I do is with MY PEEPS and my interests in mind.
Workaholics are like that.
Are you familiar with this phrase?
I mean, who are you with?
In your glass slipper scavenger hunt.
I bought you a Chinese dinner to be nice.
I don't think you appreciated it.
You're not the biggest fan of Asian cooking, I found out.
And, well, we do a lot of business in Asia.
So, my dear Orangina, next time:
Get your tips or info on a hot job prospect some place else.
Because half our damn business is in Asia.
And, you know, when I looked over your resume and press kit...
All I saw was a lot of American material.
It was really white bread.
You didn't do Asian studies early in your career.
You studied Italian.
We don't do business in Italy.
Our business is in China.
We have an office in Britain.
You don't do well with the British, either.
No facility with that culture.
I can't take an employee like you to China.
You're too provincial, dear.
No China.
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2021.10.19 21:55 neel_5224 BMW Manufacturing, South Carolina Gen>Next Interview

I received a hirevue interview for BMW’s gen>next internship program. I was wondering if anyone has taken this before and what questions did they ask you?
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2021.10.19 21:55 Asylth Hva er noe "typisk norsk" som jeg kan ta med some gave til kjæresten / hans familie?

Hei. Skal bestøke kjæresten og hans familie i USA om en måndes tid. Lurte på om noen har en god ide til en type gave / souvenir å gi dem. Noe relatert til norge, spesifikt nord-norge men norge generelt er også greit.
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2021.10.19 21:55 Otherwise-Shop3075 Just Cause 2 Main Menu Loading Infinitely

I can't find anything on how to fix it and am wondering if anyone has had this happen and fixed it
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2021.10.19 21:55 Guiltyspark2718 Where do I start, and what’s next?

Any tips for someone finally coming out?
I finally feel good about being out to myself. I’ve shared with a few close people as well, and honestly it feels so good to accept who I am.
I’ve got years of internalized homophobia to root out, and sure lots more ups and downs headed my way… But I feel like I’m on the right track, and it feels great.
What do I do next though? Honestly terrified of hook up culture, and nervous to jump into the dating scene.
I’m fine with tackling stuff at a slower pace, but I don’t even know what that means or where to start.
Any tips or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.19 21:55 Bazellnon Do guys think Hashirama’s child(ren) had whiskers? (Btw I love this comment lol)

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2021.10.19 21:55 LilyStarlette Found growing in soil amongst grass on an island in the South Pacific (in between AUS and NZ)

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2021.10.19 21:54 PsychologicalTune973 20F - Bored and looking to pass some time chatting

Hello I've not got much going on tonight so looking to pass some time chatting. I like reading, music traveling, movies, deep topics, and stuff like that but I'm down to talk about whatever.
Please just be around my age thanks. :)
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2021.10.19 21:54 Lucky0w1 Server setup help!!!

Hi Everyone!
I was wondering if anyone would be patient enough to explain to me how I can create a server with the cool lobby/spawn area and plugins etc.
I've played on a few different servers like this and have some ideas to make my own.
I've also seen all of these cool builds you can buy on sites like the MC marketplace etc. If I bought one of these, are they;

  1. Customisable in the build style to something you like eg fantasy medieval etc
  2. Able help you to choose what plugins and things to have and help set them up?
Also too how would you then go about setting up the build as spawn and all of that nitty gritty stuff? I really want to learn but am unsure what to google or where to go to find out more!
A huge thank you from the world's biggest server noob!
discord - Lucky_Owl#3075
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2021.10.19 21:54 Not_Retired_GH Old Journal Found - Pages 07/08

Old Journal Found - Pages 07/08 Old Journal Found - Pages 01/02
Old Journal Found - Pages 03/04
Old Journal Found - Pages 05/06
Hello again everyone,
Below are two more pages from the journal.
Page 07 - Raiju
Page 08 - Lich
That's all for now. I'll do my best to continue sending out these pages in case anyone actually comes across these other spirits. Good luck Hunters!
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