2022.01.29 11:38 Schlangee Ich😷iel

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2022.01.29 11:38 sionamusic Innan du fortsätter till YouTube

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2022.01.29 11:38 MaryTGirl christian 'love'...

Ooh, just had a deeply offensive conversation with a self-professed 'christian' in which they referred to a mutual friend as "him-she" on account of her (a natal female) apparently being a bit butch (don't see it myself), and saying, about a bloke who's just moved in next door that "I'm a bit nervous, I think he might be gay". I have little choice but to meet this bigot tomorrow, so I've just bought some black nail polish.
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2022.01.29 11:38 frankdown [F1 2021] Looking for someone to play with

To get some trophies you have to play co-op, and since I don't know anyone with the game I thought I would ask here if anyone else needs a co-op partner to race with! If so, hit me up!
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2022.01.29 11:38 datorspelsexperten08 😣

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2022.01.29 11:38 sourlemonades How early to get to a ONEUS concert

I bought tickets in the GA standing for Oneus concert in Orlando and I want to buy official merch, what time should I arrive at the venue? Also I’ve been to two kpop concerts but never got a standing ticket only seating.
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2022.01.29 11:38 Luk824 "Altissima, Purissima, Levissima"

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2022.01.29 11:38 Raks- Just won my first season EFL L 1 play-offs with Morecambe to get to EFL Championship, bit scared cuz i have no one over 70 rated

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2022.01.29 11:38 soliloquy1985 I'm sick of misandry in workplaces.

I was just thinking about my experiences at work (before getting laid off) and the misandry was both very real and frustrating. It was a factory and there was a girl at work who produced 1000 pieces in a ten hour shift. Pretty impressive. She was all over our notification boards, screens, etc. I got determined and put out 1100 about two weeks later. Nothing. Fucking crickets. My immediate boss was pissed about it, that no one said a word, but couldn't do anything. A few weeks I blew by that and put out 1450 in a shift. A new company record. Still nothing.  
A few weeks later an older woman in another department did well and got recognized on the boards and such.  
I'm pretty sure that was the moment I stopped giving a fuck about my job.  
The misandry was real in that company.
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2022.01.29 11:38 imageconcept Outback Sunrise

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2022.01.29 11:38 6lack10 Is it too late to crate train my husky?

I have a 36 inch crate that I covered with a light blanket to make it more “den-like”; however, my puppy never wants to be in there. It’s even placed right next to my bed. I tried feeding his meals in there, providing snacks, and even ignoring his cries. I end up feeling bad though and eventually letting him out. I’ve had him for the past two weeks and he’s been sleeping on my bed ever since I got him.
I really want to crate train him but I’m afraid I got him too accustomed to my bed. Any advice on what I can do or is it too late for him to get used to a crate?
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2022.01.29 11:38 TequilaJhin Annie's stepmom was probably Demacian

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2022.01.29 11:38 mohamad1317 Question ❓

Would you like to see a DC's character fighting with a Marvel's character? And If you would like to, which characters do you prefer?
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2022.01.29 11:38 dannyb_5454 Question about - Filter

Question about - Filter Hey guys!
I have a filter question. I have imported my wine dataset into Tableau. I want an incremental filter. Where only wines that have the selected filters appear. Instead, what I am getting is a list of wines that have any of the filters appear. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thank you!

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2022.01.29 11:38 Natural-l-6 Riot killing their own game?

So wild rift is a comp game right? So in every competitive game, ranked is the most important thing right? So how can that single most important thing is the worst thing abt the game? Multiple AFK players in a roll who never get punished fairly, trollers and inters who never get any punishments ever? And Gold players in diamond lobbies, plat players in master or gm lobbies, and trying to make up for it with a little ''this player plays above their rank'' shit badge
And also a report system that doesn't even do anything...srsly what is this with this game? Some kind of sick joke? Where's the ranked rework they promised like 5 months ago? Now even the events are starting to rot. All they do is add a cheap event and a broken champ, and make imbalances almost literally everywhere. And the audacity of the devs crying becuz they get the hate they deserve?
I'm sure that if riot doesn't fix the game asap, the future of wild rift is gonna get real ugly.
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2022.01.29 11:38 evilbutters "Scream" (2022) Review: Movies Make Psychos More Imitative

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2022.01.29 11:38 Bill-2018 Driving through Manhattan, New York (1945)

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2022.01.29 11:38 Crack-Bandicoot Not so accidental Air Filter

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2022.01.29 11:38 svanapps GameStop: What happened after everyday stock traders rocked Wall Street

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2022.01.29 11:38 hippy2zippy 28 g dark helmet by wagners. $174 with tax in SK.

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2022.01.29 11:38 TBazza Here are my homemade tabs for this monster song! (link in description)

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2022.01.29 11:38 Valatavan Skyweaver slowing down to a halt

Does it happen to anyone else that at a later stage of the game the game slows down so much that it's almost impossible to make a move? It's really frustrating to lose because of this, since you can't pre-plan moves, you have to allow the animations to finish
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2022.01.29 11:38 Ginandexhaustion The town drunk is sitting at a bar and notices a beautiful woman at the other end of the bar

As he works up his courage to approach her he sees another guy walk up to the woman and says a few words . Then the woman got up and the both left the bar.
The next day he was at the same bar and there was a different beautiful woman. But before her can walk over, the same dude quickly walks up and says a few words. Like the day before, the woman gets up and leaves with him. This happens several days in a row until one day there are no women at the bar. He sees the other guy and staggers over to him. the drunk guy asks him, “Hey Buddy, every day I see you go up to sexy women, say one thing and they immediately leave with yo. How do you do it?” The other guy responds “ I just ask her ‘tickle your ass with a feather?’ If she smiles we leave, if she acts shocked then I say “ particularly nasty weather? “ and focus my attention on another woman.
The drunk guy sees this as foolproof so he sees a woman, walks up to her and clumsily says “ stick a feather up your ass?” The woman is mortified and slaps hm. He then says to her, “ Ahh, Fuck it! It looks like rain anyway!”
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2022.01.29 11:38 AmericanPatriot77 Goldfinch in the snow this morning.

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2022.01.29 11:38 ShortAlgo $WAL waiting for Buy signal on WAL with https://t.co/WNHrn3Pr7t https://t.co/auCO7r6Z0C

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